Welcome Back, December by Shilov

Shilov, haïku russian developper stroke again with another short gaming experience within deep thoughts. Available on gamejolt, he released “Welcome Back, December”, which was the occasion for me to both leave a tribute to The Caretaker, and dig deeper into the twisted universe of Shilov the talented.

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Your Bizarre Eyes / original soundtrack

Man of few words, Shilov came to me with descriptions of places, long before telling me the actual story he had wrote. I already knew he had adapted two H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories as 30 minutes long video games, so my interest was immediately caught.

Your Bizarre Eyes is a video game AND a short story. It is not a walking simulator : you really have to play and show some platforming skills. It’s unique format will convince you that you don’t need a longer story to have the deepest experience.

You can play it for free on gamejolt / gamejolt.com/games/adventure/your-bizarre-eyes/59769/