Dear YOU,

Thank you for stopping by.

I’m a 33-year old sound technician and an electronic musician who decided to put his sound design and composing skills at your service. Basically, I’m not a company, I’m just one guy, who wants to help.

As a sound designer, I’ve been working on movies, short movies and documentaries, creating sound design, dialogue editing, speech recording, audio restoration using many softwares and digital audio workstation such as Pro Tools, Soundscape, Pyramix, Samplitude, Ableton Live, Logic Pro.

As a musician, I trained myself as a composer in hip hop bands such as Psykick Lyrikah, before going solo under the name of mr.teddybear. Trained as a sound designer, I came to music through… let’s say both a short and embarassing trip into a national music school, but mostly from editing on softwares I was using everyday to work on audiovisual materials.

For the past six years, I mostly used Ableton Live and the APC40. I’m planning to acquire Pro Tools for practical and professionnal reasons. Also I’m a Pro Tools certified user which helps too.

If you lead a video game project, if you plan to direct a movie, a short movie, a documentary, even if you are another artist willing to involve sound in an installation or within a performance…

… just tell me about your idea, and we’ll shape it together.

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