Music for Video Games

I am fond of video games. I mean, really fond of, as my dream would be to make the soundtrack for one or several of them. “Music for video games” is an experience of total freedom where I intent to forget every mental barrier.

I took my best memories of video game places and levels such as World of Illusion, Metal Gear Solid, Mario’s castles, Prisoner of Ice, American Mc Gee’s Alice or Neverwinter Nights … and recomposed them into music. Precisely, I made a list of all the video games places I had visited and simply created a theme for each of them. This is one more example that having a strict approach to your work can actually make you freer.

Some key facts you may want to know : this is a two-month work, composition and home mixing included. A pro version would include improved mixing and mastering (3 days) in a studio. I used a licensed version of Ableton Live and many free, but valuable, plug-ins. I used some modified classic samples as arrangements and free synthesizers to create the main themes.

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